Our fleet consists of exceptionally designed, state-of the-art boats, to offer the comfort of a cruise with the performance of a sports boat, aiming to offer a unique and comfortable navigation experience through the channels of Patagonia, always in a safe and comfortable fashion.



The new GT series, launched in 2016, has the performance of the Elan line, designed by Rob Humphreys (England), inspired by boats from around the world (with angles, stern and double helm), but with a new interior layout, more cab height and 360-degree vision. All this makes the GT5 the first of the series to bring together performance, design, space and comfort in a single boat.



The Impression 45 is in all forms an impressive ship. Developed to meet the needs of all members of the family, it will be a pleasure to sail on holiday in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or in high seas. Designed to ensure optimal comfort, the Impression 45 is the dream boat to navigate. Performance has always been a factor in the entire Impression range including the I45. The interior is generous with countless amenities.

The Impression 45 is also built with high manufacturing standards considering vacuum infusion for maximum strength and optimal weight of the boat.

BALI 4.3



Enviromentally friendly production

Elan has committed to a comprehensive environmental management system minimizing its impact on nature. Both Elan’s skiing and boat building divisions boast the ISO 14001 standard for environmentally friendly production. As an outdoor company we are more than aware of the need to preserve our Mother Earth. Elan has committed to a comprehensive environmental management system, minimizing our impact with everything we do. We all can and have to contribute to keep the old lady in shape, so we’d like to encourage you to do your part. Turn off the lights, use public transport and focus on renewable sources of energy.