6 Days of Sailing through the Patagonian Fjords

The fjords of Comau, Quintupeu, Cahuelmo and the island of Chiloé are the setting of extraordinary nature in which the heights of the snow-capped Andean peaks meet with the sea. The volcanic and glacial nature of Chilean Patagonia, has given rise to a unique geography that our passengers can enjoy in boats equipped with all the comforts and conditions that will allow a unique experience.


Included in our trip

  • Natural Thermal hot springs
  • Geysers
  • Local gastronomy including “curanto” and spit roasted beef
  • Meeting locals from the riverside areas and observing typical local activites.
  • Themed hikes
  • Fly fishing
  • Plant and Wildlife watching (Among them an Alerce tree over 3,500 years old, different types of cetaceans like endemic dolphins, whales, penguins and different migratory birds)
  • Visits to the Huinay study center.
  • Visits to the Vodudahue center and the Alerce 3000 Foundation.


Your program itinerary is created with the necessary flexibility that is required according to the weather conditions and opportunities that arise depending on the reservation dates.

We will be happy to know what your inclinations and expectations are to create an itinerary that allows you to have the best experience.


If you are interested in an extensive adventure, or you are thinking about how your business can live a Patagonia Yacht Charter experience just contact us about a special program itinerary.

Our fleet and team are also prepared to sail in different situations or more distant waters such as the San Rafael Glacier and Aysen Fjords.