This new Patagonia Yacht Charter program is perfect for those sailors who had tasted the experience of leaving and sailing a catamaran and now wants to have something more personal, with a lower amount of investment and a share monthly payment. Paying according to the real use of the vessel, considering the numbers of week you use it during the year.

Who does it work:

  • Acquisition of a Bali 4.3 Motor Yacht. Last generations, 2019.
  • 1/8 payment by each partial owner (initial investment and monthly fees).
  • 1 week of use in high season (January-February) and more than 5 weeks rest of the year.
  • Chances of changing weeks with 2017 Elan GT5 (41’) or other boat of the Patagonia Yacht Charter fleet.
  • Professional Skipper and boat keeping supervised by Patagonia Yacht Charter.
  • Total period of 5 years or been replace by other partner before the period.
  • By the end of the 5 th year, catamaran is sold for at least half of the original price.

The Fractional program is design to maximize the experience of been a boat owner of a last generation catamaran and minimized worries, expensed, supervision, etc.

Explore Chilean fjords without paying more!. Contact us, limited quota.

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